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John Anthony Palmer
 VIM Owner and Director
An award-winning cameraman and editor, John Anthony Palmer studied engineering and photography at the Worcester College of Technology in England. Known for his professionalism and the excellent quality of his work, Palmer has worked internationally for numerous corporations, businesses, conference hosts, city councils and individuals, such as the BBC, Oracle and the London and Birmingham City Councils in England. Specializing in concert, theater and dance productions, Palmer has also filmed live stage shows featuring top international recording artists, as well as cruise-line theatrical and entertainment shows. In addition to television and internet commercials, his work has been broadcast on MTV. His work in the field of university, college and school promotional/recruitment podcasts and webclips is also in great demand on both sides of the Atlantic. 
Jennifer Margaret Barker
 VIM Officer and Music Consultant 
Classical music composer, pianist, and University of Delaware Professor of Music, Jennifer Margaret Barker works alongside Palmer in the creation of music videos and promotional/recruitment podcasts. The recipient of numerous international awards and honors, Dr. Barker's skill and knowledge as a musician and composer augments the high level of professionalism that Visual Images Media has to offer. Her resume includes a extensive number of commissions and performances from internationally renowned symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, choirs and solo artists; 8 commercial CD/DVD recordings; international publications; and international radio and web broadcasts of her compositions.
About Visual Images Media, Inc.
Founded in 1981, in the United Kingdom, Visual Images Media moved its base to the United States in 2005. Throughout its 30-year history, the company has filmed a wide variety of events within the corporate and the private sectors, from sporting, theater, dance and concert events to conferences, educational DVDs, company training videos, promotional/recruitment podcasts, commercials, and music videos. 

In addition to the United States and England, Visual Images Media has received commissions and grants to film in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. 
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